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A Unique Experience with An Extraordinary Gal.
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by Miranda_Velocity on Oct. 13 2012, 4:43 pm
San Francisco City: San Francisco

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San Francisco
Hello friends!
I hope this finds you all enjoying a delightful early Fall. I have been busy with many assorted things, and as such, am going to be taking somewhat of a hiatus from Redbookiat least as a weekly type activity[but then again I love pre-planned dates all the more!].

My offerings are not for everyone. Please, save for your hard-earned money for a quick roll in the hay in a motel room if that's what calls to you. But for the fellow who's curiosity extends beyond a carefully timed, purely physical encounter, and to a young,educated woman eager to share an amazing experience with him... well then hello! My suggestions are quite different from the regular fare here on RB. Those who have been intrigued & contacted me have been uniformly delighted, each in their own way (feel free to browse my four pages of reviews).

So, as the cozy season of crisp air descends,should you be interested in spending real, amorous with a beautiful, stylish, self-confident young woman on a unique date...

Then contact me.

I am available (with advance notice,of course) for the out-on-the-town dates I love so much.
For example...

A cocktail date. Hours of amorous affection, flirting, conversing, holding hands under the table, stealing kisses between sips;the two of alone together but surrounded by people having a far inferior evening than we are. Picking songs out on the jukebox with your arm around my waist, giggling & making everyone else wish they were us.

A museum date? MOMA? The Legion? The De Young?
The two of us wandering galleries, hand in hand-- discussing the pieces that move us, sharing a kiss when the guard walks away.

A picnic in the park? Stretched out together on a soft blanket with delicious treats and delicious conversation. I have a new picnic basket I just bought and would love to have it make it's happy debut!

Spontaneity & authenticity are vital to me so none of these ideas are a scripted plan; just some starting ideas. I'd love to know what sort of date you'd like for us to have. We'll create together the experience we want.
I have just started a Skype account and find the prospect of doing private web cam shows (or just having some lovely,intimate conversation) very exciting. If this is of interest to you, please contact me by email so we can plan a time etc.
In regards to donations: no set numbers here. I'm beyond a "low-provider"; these are really my wonderful dates (that I treasure) when they occur. So we sort out timing, donations & such ourselves-- same goes for the Skype shows. Please email with any questions!

A bit about me:

I'm a graduate student focusing on artistic expressions of American cultural history. I'm a published writer in both fiction & academic genres.I adore Delta Blues, Etta James, Charlie Parker,good punk rock; Edward Kienholz,Robert Frank,Claude Cahun, Mark Rothko; silent cinema,& many,many other things. I've a considerable clothing collection, which includes many special vintage items. My style is a reflection of my personality: it's got the pin-up sexiness; the sophisticated glamor of the late 1940s (Lauren Bacall, Ava Garner et al); that utterly feminine irresponsibility of the garments Hitchcock clothed his leading ladies in, and most of it-- it's got me. Rather than trying to re-enact a former time period, I revel in the sensual pleasure of excellent design and great fabrics. I truly believe that life, all of it, is worth dressing up for. [Naturally my undergarments and boudoir wear follow suit; I wear stockings--most always seamed-- with a garter belt nearly every day].
What else to share here about Miranda Velocity?
Well, I'm a voracious reader and I volunteer as a both literacy tutor & a writing instructor for at-risk youth (we're working on putting out a zine at the moment!); a devoted daughter to parents who are getting older, & consider myself a compassionate and passionate person. I think honesty, vulnerability,kindness,graciousness, curiosity, bravery, and a great sense of humor are very sexy. And incredibly important.

I've been on RB for several years now; the connections I have made have surprised me and delighted me. I find the opportunity to share in an excitingly delicious closeness, an intimacy of intellect and touch, truly wonderful. I hope you will too. If you'd like to learn a bit more about me, you can always visit blog-- photos & some musings & such--

Just as it's important for you to have a good sense as to who you'd like to spend time with, so it is for me.
Please provide your PHONE NUMBER (I will not call,promise-- it's for my organizational purposes); two RB ladies or other established providers as references (if possible--not everyone writes back so the wider the querying net is cast the better, I've found)& how they'd recall you; your RB handle (if you have one), & any biographical info you feel good about sharing with me (your employment, what movies/music/books/things you like,whatever). If you don't have references,send an email from a verifiable work email address (I will write back only when you give me a go-ahead and with bland subject matter).

*I am extremely pro-reference sharing,so ladies, please email me with your requests for such, preferably allowing a day or two response time. And fellows who have seen me, feel free to have your potential new gal pals contact me directly.*

Thank you for taking the time to read my words. Happy Hunting here in RB-land. There are a bevvy of beautiful and interesting girls, each who can offer her own special experience. If you feel that what I present sparks your interest, please write. I shall very much look forward to hearing from you.

With red lipstick kisses,

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