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Experience Exquisite RBGFE! Well Reviewed!
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by Sophia_Amelia on Apr. 18 2014, 11:16 pm
South Bay City: San Jose

Oral-Only Special! Today Only! $200 / $140
Sophia Amelia
RB inbox
Web Site
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
5ft5 - 5ft7
Rate $/hr
South Bay
* In appreciation for gentlemen that I have spent time with previously, you will be grandfathered at the rate I offered at the time of your first booking.

* $50 Prebooking Discount available for any sessions booked at least one day in advance!

About Me

I'm Sophia Amelia - your loving, delicious, radiant companion.

My glowing reviews are a reflection of my deep need to serve. When we're together your satisfaction is my only ambition. I am a sensual servant, completely devoted to showering you with love and affection. I create a space for you to completely relax, letting all the stresses of your life melt away, while you languish in pleasure.

I am driven by deep and intimate connection, and am a strong believer that making a genuine connection with someone, no matter how briefly, is the greatest rejuvenating force known to man.

I have studied religions and philosophies for most of my adult life, being especially drawn to philosophical systems that are all-inclusive and involve journeying inward to find the answers for our lives. I have a bachelor's of science degree in visual communication (graphic design) and am currently working in the graphic design field. I love to travel and have visited quite a few countries now. I try to get out of the country at least once a year.

For me, being a provider is not a necessity, as you can see. Instead it is a joy and a pleasure, and I do consider it a healing work, healing for you and for me. Deep down, we all crave connection. And when it's mixed with a bit of wild abandon - even better!

Allow me to invite you into my space… I always stay at an upscale hotel and keep my hotel room clean and fresh for each of my visitors. Candles are burning, music is playing (likely bossa nova or jazz), there is a faint aroma of incense in the air.

An altar has been built to call in the god and goddess in each of us, creating space for our spirits to expand into blissful and hedonistic pleasures. The pleasures of our bodies and the pleasures of our inventive, creative, playful minds. Touching, licking, kissing, the sensation of skin on skin, desire and anticipation - all swirling in a maelstrom of fiery passion.

Contact me today for a sumptuous escape. I am email, phone and text friendly.

Session Options

A brief session of pampering.
$200 - 30 min

Luxurious pampering session - Let me kiss you and worship you from head to toe (literally!). This process of worship and adoration has come to be known as The Sophia Method - experience it for yourself!
$300 - 1 hour

Let's get to know each other better! All the pampering of the one hour session plus a blissful full body massage.
$425 - 90 min

Even more time to relax into each other and release the stresses of the day, or the week! This also gives us ample time to experiment, and maybe even find a few as yet undiscovered paths to pleasure.
$550 - 2 hours

There's something exciting and sexy about starting a date with a meal. Everyone will notice that you are out with a beautiful, vivacious, dynamic woman! We become flush with anticipation as we talk and laugh and look into each other's eyes over a glass of wine. When we get back into our private space, we feel as though we've been desiring each other forever - this truly is a recipe for a night of pleasure!
$675 - 2.5 hours

We can share a meal at a nice restaurant, or we can order room service and dine in the nude - which would you prefer? Pampering, bliss, massage, delighting in each other's bodies - This is my idea of a luxurious escape!
$800 - 3 hours

* Sessions 2.5 hours or longer must include a meal. Longer sessions can be negotiated after we have seen each other a time or two.

Sacred Gangbang

The Babylonian Rites / Sacred Gangbang is fast approaching! The date is April 25th, from 6-10pm. The donation is $400 for the evening and there will be three beautiful nymphs to satisfy your every desire!

See reviews for the event listed under Babylonian Priestesses on my reviews page.

Space is limited so sign up today!

More info here:

Other Services

BDSM / Fetish sessions, as a full-service submissive

Babylonian Rites / Sacred Gangbang

Doubles with Megen
Megen and I are both insatiably oral! She's definitely taught me some things. Enjoy us both together, you won't regret it!

Doubles with Elizabeth Morgan
Join me and the powerful, buxom, brainy and sexy Elizabeth for session full of creativity and hot juicy playtime!

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Upcoming Schedule

San Jose
Wednesday 4/16 thru Saturday at noon 4/19

San Francisco
Tuesday 4/22 thru Friday 4/25

San Francisco - *Special Event!*
Babylonian Rites / Sacred Gangbang
Friday 4/25, 6-10pm

San Francisco
Monday 4/28 thru Wednesday 4/30

San Jose
Wednesday 5/7 thru Friday 5/9

San Francisco
Tuesday 5/13 thru Thursday 5/15

San Jose
Wednesday 5/21 thru Friday 5/23

San Francisco
Wednesday 5/28 thru Friday 5/30

San Jose
Wednesday 6/4 thru Friday 6/6

San Jose
Wednesday 6/11 thru Friday 6/13

San Francisco
Wednesday 6/18 thru Friday 6/20

San Jose
Wednesday 6/25 thru Friday 6/27

San Francisco
Tuesday 7/1 thru Thursday 7/3

San Jose
Wednesday 7/9 thru Friday 7/11

San Francisco
Wednesday 7/16 thru Friday 7/18

San Jose
Wednesday 7/23 thru Friday 7/25

San Francisco
Wednesday 7/30 thru Friday 8/1

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