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by naughtysimone26 on Apr. 23 2014, 6:47 am
San Diego City: San Diego's NEW MILF 140hh/200 +50 4 cim,grk,film)

SQUIRT show is +50 on Hr appts only
SIMONE: The Squirting Naughty Soccer Mom
RB inbox
Grand Ave Exit West of 5 (INCALLS ONLY)
Web Site
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
5ft5 - 5ft7
Rate $/hr
San Diego
San DIEGO's Brand NEW SQUIRTIN' SOCCER MOM, in my new private, discreet, apartment residence with designated and safe parking on the divide of Pacific Beach from Mission Bay. This ad always has my most current location/availability information. Although I live in PB, my locale is traffic-less because its in the area west of Hwy 5, before Balboa becomes Garnett Ave If you are new to town, I am approx 10 MILES NORTH (ON HWY 5) of the Gaslamp in central San Diego, by the AIRPORT.

My recent jaunt with this industry began about three years ago in San Francisco, and has sprawled across Hollywood, DTLA, Laguna, Huntington, Long Beach (CA), and I am here and now the sexy men of San Diego, come and greet me with your arms spread as wide apart as my legs. Welcome me with as much enthusiasm as my breasts bulging over a black jacquard, corset, too tight. And remember me by my engorged and throbbing cl_ _ even if you don't witness it squirt into the palm of your hand. All of this in order to fatten your chances to capture a mere glimpse of my hazel, sallow eyes as they dance around connecting with yours (eyes). As they tell the sordid tales of Simone: the sexy harlot, the naughty soccer mom, the four-eyed coy librarian, the ladies Milf, the bonafide cougar queen, an understated eager-beaver grappling with holding the title of "spunk-slut", merely a vessel starving for more milky slime, one who emulates debauchery and seeks out those who aim to give her game...

Rate is 140 half hour or 200 hour. NO outcall, NO haggling, NO BBFS, or wnegotiating please. AND No quickies, So please don't ask. I am generally not quick when it comes to timing, so come to me when you have the time. I do not fancy pushing people and manipulating the natural course of" completion" especially when it concerns your ability to do so and thus your satisfaction. PLease be patient with me as I am with you. Clocks are scarce in my world.

I challenge you to take me to a place I have never been, show me that scene unseen by even Ron Jeremy. Introduce a role for me to play which I have never endeavored upon before, uniquely yours, so original and well thought out it could never be duplicated or repeated by another, an experience shared only by us in envy. Let's create an interlude we are only privy to, an act soooo filthy it will even make a trucker want to shower.

I have a life outside of "the industry' gentlemen. Please consider this when you reach out. I am real and human and do normal things most of the time. I am only interested in polite men who consider the reality of what is going on here. If you call/text and get no answer for more than an hour, chances are that I am in session, walking my dog, exploring San Diego, and either at some beach, park, shopping, or running errands and cant hear your attempt. But do not lose sleep. Whether you are a potential new client or we have met once or twice before, I will never inappropriately (after 24 hours lapse) reach back out to you or randomly contact you for any reason whatsoever. I want you to like me and enjoy our time and honor your privacy, exercise confidentiality, and realize when its over it is final. I have never contacted a client for a professional or personal matter. I continue to apply a work/private ethic taught decades ago and forgotten by so many. Therefore, I promise you that I am essentially loyal to you and lean to your side. I aim to please, nothing else and apprecitate your reciprocations. So if I fail to reply to a text msg or call from you and 24 hours have passed, realize that I live a normative lifestyle more often than I am in session. I am urging that you try me again next time you are in the mood, rather than thinking I didn't like your name, your typing shortcuts, the numbers in your area code etc. However, you will not ever get a reply if you use unecessarily and inappropriately choose graphic and lude language in text msg or by call. To prevent a reoccurance, I will record your cell to my personal blacklist and it will be added to my private mms/call blocker program. If the sexy pictures that lured you here arent' buried by verbage look at...

My larger than life, robust menu/ list of I do everythings. which includes but is not limited to REDBOOK's version of translated acronyms ( a list of all the words that hide behind their given abbreviations ) ie. bbbj=bare back _ _b j j o b. The list is on my kinky website:

ABSOLUTELY NO (BB = bare back) BBFS OR BBGREEK. I AM AT LEAST OFFERING U RBGFE AND MSOG friendly and BBBJ yes! [If you are looking for a solid RBGFE provider, stop right here...

So alas, the divine Gentlemen of San Diego, relax to drench yourself with my spunky, slutty side that is in full force. I am hornier than I have ever been. I need more of you and yours and more c_ck, pretty please. Let me gobble you up in the most rudimentary, drama free, primitive way (today).... Cum for breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or dessert. I am bored and quench your thirst for thrill and curb your appetite for release.

Check out "my other RedBook ad" in "BDSM/Fetish" for more pix, services, and debauchery. If you are not into BDSM and don't have a fetish, you are part of 95% of my client base. Don't fear that I require BDSM in your session. I understand it is only the taste of a few. Please read at least one of my ads or my website pre-session (our date) so that you know what I offer and to avoid unnecessary incriminating dialogue. Also, do not cum to me in a rush and/ or arrive early (not even 4mins), and be relaxed and willing to capture the bare essence of my edgy sexual prowess and commitment to pleasure...


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